Does Insurance Cover Essure?

The Essure procedure is covered by most health insurance providers. Once you have decided that the Essure procedure is right for you, please review your insurance coverage with your physician. If the procedure is performed in a doctor's office, the cost may be as little as a simple co-pay, depending on your insurance provider. Be sure to contact your insurance carrier before having the procedure to verify that your insurance plan covers the Essure procedure.

Here’s how:


Call your insurance company's customer service or benefits phone number listed on your health insurance card.


Ask for your plan's specific coverage and payment guidelines for Hysteroscopic Sterilization (code 58565).


Specify where you plan to have the procedure (physician's office, hospital outpatient or ambulatory service center). This could affect the amount of reimbursement.

If your physician's office has questions about reimbursement for the Essure procedure, they can call 1-877-ESSURE2 (877-377-8732).


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