Benefits and Considerations of the Essure Procedure

Benefits of Essure


During the procedure, the Essure inserts are placed in the fallopian tubes through the natural pathways of the vagina and cervix, with no incisions and no surgery.

Most effective

Essure is proven to be the most effective permanent birth control available, based on five years of clinical data.

Can be performed in the comfort of a doctor's office

Because there is no surgery required, the Essure procedure can be performed comfortably and quickly in your doctor's office.


Unlike many temporary methods of birth control such as oral contraceptives, the shot, the ring and some IUDs, the Essure inserts do not contain hormones. Therefore, they will not interfere with your monthly cycle nor cause the side effects that many women experience with hormone-related birth control.

Virtually recovery-free

Following the Essure procedure, most women return to their normal activities in less than a day.

Covered by insurance

The Essure procedure is covered by most insurance providers. If the procedure is performed in a doctor's office, your payment may be as low as a simple co-pay, depending on your insurance plan.


More than half a million women have chosen Essure as their permanent birth control since 2002. Additionally, the Essure inserts are made from the same proven materials that have been used in heart stents for many years.

Short procedure time

It typically takes less than ten minutes for an Essure-certified doctor to perform the procedure, and most women are on their way home 45 minutes later.


The Essure procedure can be performed without general anesthesia. Although some doctors may offer local anesthesia, this is not a requirement of the procedure. You should discuss your options with your doctor.

Designed to fit

The small, soft inserts are specially designed to slide easily into your fallopian tubes and remain securely in place, while remaining visible to your doctor to help confirm proper placement.


The Essure Confirmation Test verifies that the Essure inserts are properly placed and that your fallopian tubes are blocked.

Risks and considerations of Essure

All procedures, including Essure, are associated with certain considerations.

  • No form of birth control should be considered 100 percent effective.
  • Not all women will achieve successful placement of both inserts.
  • Side effects during or immediately following the procedure may include mild-to-moderate cramping, nausea/vomiting, dizziness/light-headedness, bleeding and/or spotting.


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